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All the different types of apps you can build with Bubble

All the different types of apps you can build with Bubble

December 8, 2022
Rossana A. Ammann

It takes time to build an application using traditional methods. Of course, traditional in this sense involves the use of coding to bring apps and websites to life. Not only is the process time-consuming, but it's also expensive. Subsequently, many aspiring entrepreneurs don't realize their dreams of launching an idea and making a profit. Sad times, right? Well, hold on a minute. An array of no-code tools on the market, such as Bubble, have changed the game for building applications. Today, it’s easier to build prototypes and MVPs, whether you’re an entrepreneur, startup or established company. 

With that in mind, this guide looks at amazing apps built with no-code tools, specifically ones that use Bubble. Read on and get inspired for your next project while seeing the power of Bubble in action. 

What is Bubble?

Bubble lets you build applications without writing a single line of code. At the very least, that means you can create a minimum viable product and make changes to it. Thanks to easier prototyping and no need for coding, Bubble allows entrepreneurs, startups and big businesses to build the products they want without relying on complicated coding.

Learn more about Bubble here

Apps built with Bubble


From Airbnb to eBay and Amazon, online marketplaces are thriving. Yet, building them used to be complex and required plenty of time, effort and energy. With Bubble, however, many online marketplaces have appeared online. Bubble’s visual editor is helping more founders get their marketplace concept live, and here are some of the best marketplaces built using Bubble. 


Farie is your one-stop shop for cars. The platform was designed so users could find their next vehicle, be it an SUV, convertible or hatchback. Customers can also sell their cars on Farie while browsing the motors available for sale or lease. Built entirely using Bubble, you wouldn't think this app was designed without using any code after browsing the website.

Learn more about Faire’s journey with no-code


Perishable is essentially Airbnb, only it's for boats. It's where boaters and deck owners can rent dock spaces and list their own piers for rental. Using Bubble allowed Piershare to deploy different versions of its booking-docking system and receive rapid feedback on how those customers interact with the product. Its founders have previously stated how using Bubble allowed them to be profitable much quicker than if they went down the traditional coding route.

String Theories

Users can find music lessons on String Theories, another marketplace built using Bubble's no-code tool. The app includes the entire process of getting a music lesson, from tutor sourcing to messaging tutors and paying for the class securely on the platform.

Social networks

You’re lucky if you fancy yourself the next Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey or, erm, Tom. Bubble’s flexibility means you can build a social network and take on the heavyweights or simply enjoy your own little pocket of the internet with a community of like-minded people.

Study Date

Facebook started out on college campuses, and so too has the Bubble-built Study Date. It lets users match with other students on campus and organise study sessions, bringing together people who study at the same college or university. 

The Nice Place

You can never do enough nice things for people, and thanks to The Nice Place, users have a social network that lets them do nice things. Built with Bubble, The Nice Place allows members to upvote another member, gifting them coins in the process. If someone gives you an upvote, you can, in theory, earn money by doing nice acts. Ultimately, users of The Nice Place get paid to help people. 

Education and language learning platforms

There's a huge demand from users for language-learning websites. Fortunately, Bubble lets you build language websites where people can learn skills, including speaking another language. 


With Beelango, users can search the app for a personal language trainer and learn Arabic or Hebrew. Plenty of courses are available, with personal trainers ready to practise over 100 interactive exercises and learning interactions.

Boom Institute of Technology

Using the Boom Institute of Technology, you can learn data science, backed development, Web3 development and full stack without getting into debt. There are no tuition fees due upfront, and if you can’t find a job after completing the course, you get the tuition fee back. 

Jobs boards

The job market is big business online, and many founders use Bubble to create job platforms so professionals can make their next career move. 

Five Teams

Five Teams is an anonymous marketplace where job-seekers can look for their next role passively. That means you can browse the site and search for your next job without your current employer finding out. And most importantly, Five Teams helps candidates find roles above their desired salary. 


The freelancer economy is in full swing, with an increasing number of people going full-time freelance or creating a side hustle. Comet lets companies find the best freelancers and is used by the likes of Allianz, Eurosport, Siemens and Tag Heuer. It just goes to show that even some of the world's biggest brands interact and use applications built without code.

Enterprise resource planning (ERP)

Bubble offers ERP templates with important features, such as dashboards, incomes, outcomes, cashflows, products and services, orders and client management. It allows businesses to create integrated management systems without complex coding.

For instance, your company can:

  • Perform task management
  • Order management
  • Provide quotes, invoices, and payments
  • Inventory management
  • Appointment scheduling
  • In-app messaging between team users
  • Custom calculations
  • Status tracking

More Bubble, more aps

Bubble has a wide variety of functionalities, and the ones featured here are just a few examples of the platform’s capabilities. Bubble is essentially limitless in terms of what you can think up, and you can now build an app without needing to code. 

Check out how to get started with Bubble, and then contact us if you want to realize your next business idea.