Build your digital product
with no coding skills nor investors

Welcome to the HuggyStudio Academy!
An academy where you will learn how to build your digital product without writing code. Enjoy the ride at your own tempo, with a community of peers and the support of passionate instructors.

How no-code empowers you

Build it yourself

Bring your ideas to life without hiring developers or looking for a technical co-founder.

Save time and money

No-code uses pre-built elements that makes it faster and cheaper for you to launch your product.

Faster iteration

As you built the initial product yourself, you can react and iterate continuously on customer feedback. This is key to your success.

This academy gives you access to

Guided Learning

Guidance through software

You can work at your own tempo, watch relevant video tutorials and get assignments that bring you closer to launching your product.

Relevant video tutorials

We continuously add different content materials to share our expertise and new best practices.

Access to on-demand support

From troubleshooting to features development. Get the answers to your doubts and find immediate help from vetted experts to keep moving. A monthly coaching session is included.

A community of like-minded people

Connect, collaborate, get inspired and challenged by other peers who work on their new business ideas too. The weekly check-ins are the opportunity to interact with other people.
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Who we are

At HuggyStudio we believe entrepreneurship is about positive change, not code.

We are on a mission to make entrepreneurship more accessible and successful according to the three pillars of sustainability. We are Bubble pioneers and leaders in the no-code movement in Switzerland. Our passion to help you comes from our own story as entrepreneurs!
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Don't want to build it yourself?

Check out our No-Code Agency for innovation teams and companies that want to test new business ideas.
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Bubble and the whole no-code concept open a new world as it's all about democratizing how to build cool ideas without actually writing code. I had so much fun and the quality of the teaching/videos was very high. Throughout the program, I had the capacity to not only create my own application but also react very quickly to customer feedback and continuously iterate.
Romain Courthion
Read the story of Commercial Real Estate
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Being part of the program was an incredible experience! Not only did I build my own app, but also developed myself and my technical skills inside a community of like-minded entrepreneurs. No-code helped me to start small and focus on the right tasks to solve. With no-code I could test faster and save time; while also fixing many of the issues by myself once I got feedback.
Roy Franke
Founder of
image of community member
With Bubble you can build everything in a very intuitive way. Call it a marketplace, an e-commerce platform, a chatbot; you can do it all with Bubble! No-code allowed me to bring my ideas very fast to life. Not only to create prototypes and small things, but I could really build Crownos without paying a developer in the end. No-code empowered me to keep working and developing ideas by myself!
Andreas Dobler
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Access to our academy
The right content at the right moment. Learn at your tempo with expert instructions and different tutorials.
Connecting with inspiring peers
Get access to our community chat and events. Connect with liked-minded peers who are also working on their ideas.
Weekly check-ins
Interact and share your challenges and thoughts with the members of the community.
Individual coaching
One session of 25 minutes per month is included in your subscription. Buy more if necessary.
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