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We want to be your best possible co-founders

Our Story
It all started with our CEO, Daniel Abebe's, personal story.

Daniel was an inexperienced entrepreneur with no technical skills and little funding. While working on his first few ideas, some classic mistakes occurred: from building an initial product nobody wanted—with money he had borrowed—to miscommunication with developers abroad. Without a technical co-founder, Daniel never had the ability to build and iterate quickly on his ideas.

Through these experiences, Daniel understood the importance of becoming his own technical co-founder, and thus stumbled upon no-code tools! Since then, he has helped others leverage no-code to achieve their entrepreneurial dreams without hiring developers or raising capital. This led him to found HuggyStudio.
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The company is named HuggyStudio in honor of Daniel’s first no-code product named HuggyList, inspired by the famous hustler, Huggy Bear from the television series Starsky & Hutch.

Huggy Bear had different businesses and was the loyal informant of Starsky & Hutch. Each time the detectives didn't know how to move forward on a case, Huggy Bear was the go-to-guy! He had the best tips and always pointed Starsky & Hutch in the right direction.

"Huggy" also refers to caring and someone who loves, which is also important for us!
Fun Fact

Our purpose

We empower entrepreneurs because we believe they are the greatest leverage for positive change according to the three pillars of sustainability: economic viability, social equity and environmental protection.

What we believe in

OUR Mantra
Be the
best possible
The path is lighter and more inspiring when walked together.
We defined our values around the idea of being the best possible co-founders to each other, to our users and customers.
Our values

Be an entrepreneur

Have an entrepreneurial mindset. Take responsibility and push.

Care and empower

Like Huggy Bear, care about those around you and empower them to reach their full potential.

Say what you think, tweet what you say

Be opinionated and always speak the truth in such a way you could repeat it to anyone.

Diverge and converge

Be open-minded, make assumptions, align on them and take action.

Play the long game

Design your work, life and environment to thrive today and for the next decades.

Inspire by example

Show up as your best self and live (y)our values.

The team

portrait image of daniel abebe
Daniel Abebe
CEO & Co-Founder
Daniel is an entrepreneur at heart with a business and marketing background. He has been working with and for fast-growing startups since 2013. He discovered no-code platforms by scratching his own itch as he tried many times to build his own startup with no coding skills - and failed. His passion is simply to create and engage with inspiring people, and his experience in no-code development turned into his best leverage to do just that.
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Fabian Gmür
CPO & Co-Founder
After learning no-code for several side-projects, Fabian established no-code as the perfect toolbox to validate ideas at his former employer Scout24. Before leading Product Incubation / Group Innovation at Scout24 he made his experiences in launching, managing and marketing (digital) products within Google, SAP and the Startups Lunchgate & Newsroom Communication.
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portrait image of stefan egger
Stefan Egger
Design Lead & Fullstack Designer
Stefan enjoyed a broad education in mediamatics and feels cozy when he can work on a set of different activities. To bring ideas to life, he worked in different innovation departments and is most experienced in design due to his former roles as product designer, ux/ui designer and user researcher. No-Code enables him to develop what he designs.
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portrait image of marcel schneider
Marcel Schneider
Product Manager
Marcel loves working with ideas, understanding the problems and assumptions behind them, finding solutions and testing them quickly with potential customers. In the past years, he developed his skills as a product manager at a well-known Swiss online marketplace. Before that, he gained experience in business development, innovation management and marketing. No-Code is his secret weapon to validate product ideas even faster. 
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Source "HuggyBear" Picture: screenfiction.org