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Collaborating with the Huggy team was like hitting the creative jackpot!
Their blend of professional wizardry, idea-challenging enthusiasm, and knack for going the extra mile (even roping in their friends for feedback) was wrapped up in a package of fun and friendly vibes that made the whole process super enjoyable!
Conrad Bielitz
Co-Founder of portato.io
With the help of HuggyStudio, I was finally able to launch the idea that I had in mind for years but never started.
After they helped me shape the concept, I finally dared to move forward. Within just weeks, I had my first paying customers! The whole team encouraged and supported me along the way. With every difficulty, I found help, ideas, and positive vibes... everything I needed to develop my business calmly today.
Salomé Baranoff
Founder of Les minis
Andreas Dobler
Founder of Crownos
HuggyStudio taught me how to think like an entrepreneur and brought me the right mindset.
I first joined as a student in their no-code boot camp and ended up as an employee, learning how to build a business from scratch from truly the bests in the field!
“HuggyStudio doesn’t just tackle challenges – they thrive on them.”
Mehdi I., Founder of Melriver
logo die mobiliar
I love HuggyStudio's hands-on mentality and entrepreneurial approach.
Their open-mindedness and evidence-driven methods have been outstanding in our collaboration. Their emphasis on empowering customers truly amplifies our venture building efforts.
Marcos Abalo
Tech Lead, die Mobiliar
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