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How to get started with Bubble: Our favourite Bubble tutorials & resources

How to get started with Bubble: Our favourite Bubble tutorials & resources

April 16, 2022
Daniel Abebe

Bubble has led no-code app development over the last few years, and it is now widely regarded as the market leader for building applications without coding. More than 700,000 people use it to bring their ideas to life, with numbers expected to grow as the no-code revolution takes hold.

Therefore, it makes sense that many courses are available, teaching users how to get to grips with Bubble and make applications. But which classes are worth your time and will help you better understand how to use Bubble?

We’ve put this guide together, looking at the best Bubble tutorials and resources available. So read on, and find a Bubble class that suits you. Then start your journey to building your own app with the Bubble toolkit. 

1) Bubble.io

The official Bubble guide is an ideal starting point if you’re entirely new to the platform. It contains a set of straightforward interactive exercises designed to help you understand the core concepts of building apps without the need for code. 

There are 12 short lessons to master overall. Some of the topics covered include saving data, building a sign-in system and sending data to pages, as well as a final graduation class once you’ve reached the end of the course. 

Each lesson is designed to get you feeling comfortable using Bubble. All classes offer hands-on experience of the platform – including building mini-apps – with the course taking around 51 minutes to complete. Though you can split your time up by taking lessons individually if it better suits your schedule. 

Check out the official Bubble lessons page

2) Bubble introduction series via YouTube

If you’re not quite ready to dive in and start using the Bubble platform, then it’s worth heading over to the official YouTube channel. The introduction series comprises 10 short videos, with each one designed to increase your familiarity with the platform and what it can do. 

The first video provides a breakdown of what you can build with Bubble, from marketplaces to CRMs and even social networks. The series teaches you Bubble from the beginning, including how it works and laying the foundation for your applications. 

The video series is incredibly easy to follow and offers a step-by-step guide on how to create a new app, as well as how to expand it once the first version is complete. While the official Bubble guide lets you practice on the platform, the introduction series is great if you’d prefer to take your time and understand how the Bubble interface works. 

Get started with the Bubble introductory classes 

3) How to build - a library of clone tutorials by Bubble itself

How to build  shows you how to recreate any type of web applications without using code. It’s designed to show you the power of Bubble and how you can use it for your business idea, no matter the industry. 

Classes feature a step-by-step guide on how to recreate successful platforms like Airbnb, ProductHunt and Dropbox, to name a few. Altogether, there are more than 50 clones in the library, giving you in-depth access on how to replicate some of the most successful applications on the web. 

Build any app with Bubble

4) Coaching no code apps

Gabby Roman knows a thing or two about Bubble, having created many successful apps herself. That’s why she’s launched a YouTube channel with more than 70 videos teaching you how to use the platform even if you have zero experience. 

Bubble tutorials include how to build any type of Bubble app with no experience, using different programs like Mailchimp with your Bubble app, and basics like creating double-click functionality or sending calendar events from one page to another. 

Gaby also has lots of advice for businesses just starting out, even if they have no tech background. There are videos on how to scale fast, the right no-code tools to use and how to market your no-code app. Gaby provides real depth, and you’ll be a no-code and Bubble whizz by the time you’ve finished her courses. 

Immerse yourself in Gabby’s classes

5) Udemy class by Gregory John

Away from the official guides, there are plenty of other learning resources and Bubble tutorials. One of those is the Udemy class by Gregory John. Gregory is a qualified Bubble instructor who has built up years of experience using the platform to build applications without the need for code. 

In his Udemy class, Gregory provides you with all the basics on how Bubble works so that you get a solid overview of the platform. He has built many successful applications with Bubble and draws on that experience to provide a comprehensive class that includes a real-world project and a task management system. 

The course typically costs USD 129, but there are often multiple discounts allowing you to gain full access for a much lower price. Regardless of price, Gregory John’s Udemy class is great value if you’re a beginner to Bubble and want to move up to an intermediate level. 

Checkout the bubble online class

6) Bubble bootcamps

Another official Bubble class, the Bubble bootcamps take a deep dive into the world of building apps without code and features several instructors with vast amounts of knowledge. The course lasts for eight weeks and is limited to a maximum of eight students, so everyone has the capacity to learn the platform. 

Instructors include David Pal, a founder and CEO with expert knowledge of Bubble; Mariel Vargas, who is a product manager for $1b-plus search products; and HuggyStudio’s own Daniel Abebe. Each class takes place once per week, with instructors talking you through the basics of Bubble and teaching you how to build a minimum viable product.

This is an 8-weeks program that will take you from total beginner to intermediate. After this bootcamp, you will be able to build and launch your own MVPs using Bubble.io.

Take the Bubble bootcamp

Learning Bubble the right way

Learning Bubble can turn your business idea into a reality, and the classes on our list are designed to get you feeling comfortable using the platform. Whether it’s your first time using Bubble or you have previous experience, these tutorials are there to help you become well versed and empower you to create your next product.