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8 weeks part-time program to
launch your startup

for non-technical people
We act as your technical co-founders and help you launch your product idea with guidance, coaching and development power.
Guided process & coaching
We provide you with a structured process, 1:1 coaching and accountability to turn your idea into reality.
Focus on paying customers
The primary focus is on winning paying customers to make sure you build something people need and want.
We build for you
We act as a co-founding team and support you with ideas, knowhow, and design & development power.

They trust our skills

along dozens of solopreneurs we’ve helped too
Conrad Bielitz
Co-Founder portato.io
Collaborating with the Huggy team was like hitting the creative jackpot!
Their blend of professional wizardry, idea-challenging enthusiasm, and knack for going the extra mile (even roping in their friends for feedback) was wrapped up in a package of fun and friendly vibes that made the whole process super enjoyable!
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the program

The program is divided in 4 milestones in 8 weeks.
The first week is free to join.
🚀  The first week is free for everyone
Phase 1
In week 1, you define your target group, shape your product idea, and design your business model based on evidence you find through user research and other sources.
No startup idea? Try our Startup Ideas Generator!
Your tasks
Shape idea
Collect data points
You have a compelling startup idea
Phase 2
In week 2 – 6, you need to figure out where to find your customers and sell them your startup idea.
Your tasks
Interviewing target audience
Sell the offering to them
Sales material
You have your first paying customer
Phase 3
In week 2 – 6, you show that more customers are willing to pay for your service by collecting evidence through prototypes.
Your tasks
Do more sales
Collect evidence to validate customer acquisition
Ads templates
Support on marketing channels experiments
You now have validation “at scale”
Phase 4
In week 7 – 8, you conduct learnings into a product blueprint, a visual experience that emulates the full functionality of your product idea.
Your tasks
Create User Stories
Get Feedback on Clickable Prototype
Technical requirements & basic architecture
You now know what to build at scale

After the program

🎉 Grow your business based on all the knowledge acquired during the program

You now have all the knowledge and resources to build a working product and keep growing your startup. Each project and entrepreneur are unique so how you move on from there will greatly vary on your ambitions and preferences.
At a glance

Details of
this program

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8 weeks part-time
min. 5h total workload per week
Ideal for non-technical people who want to build a startup
6 slots per batch
Weekly Group Check-In combined with 1:1 individual coaching sessions
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We're opening up new batches as soon as possible.
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We walk the talk

We specialize in testing business ideas and launching new products for ourselves, for entrepreneurs, and innovation teams.

Be the best possible co-founder

Is our company mantra and we live by it.
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No-code & AI

We’re no-code pioneers and supercharge that power with AI.
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Product Building

We built ventures together with entrepreneurs, startups and corporates.
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