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Jimdo was Founded in 2007 by Christian Springub, Dridtof Detzner and Matthias Henze. Creating your own website has never been easier. With Jimdo, you have everything you need to take your small business online. Over 32 million Jimdo websites have been created. With Jimdo’s intuitive, modular system, you choose a style and then design and edit your website with easy-to-use blocks. Jimdo also offers special features for each industry that are optimized for your target audience.

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More about Jimdo
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  • What users have built with Jimdo: Examples
  • The Jimdo blog for small businesses


  • Customize your website’s look and make changes anytime. You can upload your own logo and images, and they will tailor your website colors to match.
  • Choose your own domain.
  • Create and edit your website from any device, and your customers can visit using their phones, tablet, or computer.
  • Get free access to a database of professional images that fit your industry. Your image library comes stocked with high-quality photos.
  • Possible to connect with Facebook, Instagram and Google.


  • Play: try it for free
  • Start: $15 per month. For your personal website.
  • Grow: $20 per month. For your business website.
  • Grow legal: $26 per month. Legal texts for your personal website.
  • Unlimited: $59 per month