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What you can build with no-code

What you can build with no-code

November 30, 2021
Rossana A. Ammann

Successful validation of MVPs (Minimum Valuable Products) and innovation demands speed, the ability to prototype faster, and gaining user feedback in real time. 

No-code platforms have shown us that we can rapidly develop and iterate ideas, gather feedback and prototype new concepts to run faster innovation cycles. On the other hand, traditional software development requires more time to fully understand and explore potential business cases – or product ideas – to solve problems.

In this article we want to show you diverse and real examples of applications and solutions that were built with no-code. Important: it is not black or white. You can actually build all sorts of applications with no-code tools, and there are different paths that can be taken to achieve specific goals. Please keep that in mind!

From websites and e-commerce, applications and workflows automation

Yes. You can make simple data workflows – like a backend process that moves data around –, a web or mobile app, and also spin up an MVP of your latest idea. All of that can be done with no-code tools faster and without any programming knowledge.

Online shopping, user management, a variety of marketplaces, email automation, restaurant reservations and delivery, interactive and dynamic landing pages, user-log in capabilities, invoice processing, KPI monitoring, business process automation functionalities, human resources management systems and much more can be built with no code. 

Team (workplace) management tool 

Example: Everplace

A tool that connects people and places. Employees in different cities can choose the best place to work: home office, headquarter office or a nearby coworking space. During the COVID19 pandemic, Everplace was born to support teams to know where employees would be working to avoid overcrowded offices and organize people in a more efficient way. It is also possible to rent unused offices and find free workspaces with the tool. 

With no-code, and alongside platforms like Everplace, you can also create more customizable solutions for your team: for example, how to manage the internal expenses or invoices, or even budgeting apps to improve the finances.

Everplace site: connecting people and places

Social Network

Example: NoCodeLinkedIn - NotRealTwitter

How to better prove the power of no-code than by putting giants of social media under scrutiny? If you are looking for new ways to allow people to connect digitally, you can build your own social network using no-code tools.

You can scroll down to see the timeline, like and react to the posts, comment on public messages and also send private ones. You'll feel like you are on any of the existing social platforms... but it's your own! 

Clone of NoCodeLinkedIn done by HuggyStudio

Minimum Viable Products 

Example: HuggyStudio’s No-Code Academy - Louie’s Club

When you have a new business idea – or a product – that you are excited about and want to develop it further, you do the famous "smoke test". It is a term that was borrowed from the computer programming world, which refers to “the process of running test cases involving the important functionalities of a component or system, to ascertain if crucial functions work correctly”.

With no-code tools you can make it happen! You can create a page for validating your idea and get early adopters for your business/product. You don’t have to build the complete product, but with small features you would be able to get some reactions from the market. Other examples of what to build can be working with a pre-sale of a digital product (like an e-book or a course), and having people sign up for a waiting list.

No-Code Academy program in Switzerland - Building your idea without node!


Example: StringTheories

Online marketplaces are becoming more and more varied for users. Most of them will allow you to buy, sell and share practically anything. With no-code platforms you can create something innovative; such as a mentor and student marketplace, where hourly sessions are being offered; a platform where construction-tools can be borrowed for a certain amount of time; a place to collect, curate and buy art; or even a site where you can sell, buy and rent cars. 

StringTheories, for example, helps guitar students find instructors that suit their learning interests. They are making it easier to find music lessons. You can meet online or in person, and choose how much you pay and who you work with.

StringTheories helps guitar students find instructors that suit their learning interests

Online Surveys

Example: cybero - HuggyStudio: Tell us about your needs 

In this case, no-code supports cybero by asking questions to the users that log in on the site. With the answers (for example, from 8 or 10 questions) you will automatically get an evaluation of how safe your cybersecurity/set up is. The result calculates a personalized risk with specific measurements that are created by the users’ answers (it goes more into detail, according to the users’ needs, by also creating a dashboard with actions to be taken).

Based on a personalized risk profile, cybero helps small and medium enterprises with the necessary advisors and tools to strengthen a company's protection.

cybero helps SMEs with the necessary advisors and tools to strengthen a company's protection

Food delivery service

Example: Tavolo - NÓZ Delivery

No-code applications also support the creation of food delivery service apps that make life easier for both the service provider and the consumer. Establishments are able to display different things: from registering their products/food, including available schedules, as well as payment methods and all delivery details for the user to simplify many steps. Tavolo – and no-code platforms in general – gives the user the option to register both by computer and with a cell phone.

By building your own app, you can also offer a better delivery service within your region/area that is also tailored to your neighborhood’s needs.

With Tavolo your order will go straight to the kitchen! You can and choose what you want to order before you visit the restaurant.

Online Course builder / Educational tools

Example: Risio - Remote Quiz 

Not only in times of the COVID19 pandemic online education and distance learning was booming. Many of the digital tools previously created to help both educators and learners are now more important than ever. 

Offering, creating and organizing engaging educational content through web applications is something you can also do with no-code tools. Education innovators continue to create new ways to help students, parents and teachers. Some students at universities – with an entrepreneurial mindset – are even learning how to build their own web applications in order to test new ideas for interesting projects and start-ups.

Remote Quiz helps you build your own quiz from scratch and come up with your own questions

...and many more!

This list is just a small part of the limitless options of what you can build with no-code platforms. We ’ve seen – and we are working towards – creating diverse and innovative solutions in the near future. All of that: without writing a single line of code!