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The Top No-Code Conferences To Rewatch in 2021

The Top No-Code Conferences To Rewatch in 2021

December 9, 2021
Rossana A. Ammann

Despite the COVID19 pandemic and all the restrictions we had in different parts of the world at the beginning of 2021, many companies dedicated time and energy to creating insightful and meaningful events for the communities of the no-code movement. A movement that has become even more significant with the challenges brought on by the pandemic. 

For those lacking financial support, no-code offers different ways to generate new income streams, as it lets you build apps and websites in weeks, monetize skills and validate / launch your online business.

As the community around the world continues to grow, bringing together founders, makers, and creators in one place through no-code events and conferences, became all the more important. We have gathered a list of the most interesting virtual no-code events and discussions you can rewatch from the comfort of your home. 

Join passionate creatives, entrepreneurs, visionaries, thought leaders, founders and developers as they come together to discuss the future of no-code, its benefits and challenges, use cases and key developments for the major no-code platforms. 

Zero Code Conference 

The Zero Code Conference is one of the biggest no-code events, with most of the no-code platforms collaborating with each other with content and keynote speakers. Dive in for over 16 hours of expert talks and panel discussions, Q&A sessions and live demos.

Check out the talk of Emmanuel Straschnov, co-founder of Bubble, about “how no-code changes the way we work and live”; and Nate Washington’s success story about “how he scaled his startup Qoins and helps users automatically pay off debt”.

Bonus: “Choosing no-code tools - Lean approach

You can watch all the other recorded sessions, and listen to speakers from Amlie Solutions, Integromat, Zeroqode, Metaranx, and others here.  

The No-Code Conference By Webflow

The No-Code Conference by Webflow didn’t happen in 2020 but it came loaded with new topics and incredible speakers in 2021! The full two-day online event gathered some of the makers, creators, and visionaries behind the no-code movement – from companies like Adobe, Apple, Airtable, Google, and more across 110+ countries – to discover and discuss the future of what’s possible.  

You could attend expert-led sessions with live Q&As, virtual networking and community-building.

Listen to Vlad Magdalin and Bryant Chou, co-founders of Webflow, along with Arquay Harris, Jiaona Zhang and McGuire Brannon with their inspiring keynote while announcing the new features and updates of the platform. Lacey Kesler, leader of Women in No-Code, talks about “democratizing the web, one no-code tool at a time”. Make sure to also check out “no-code’s role in digital transformation” by Andrae Kirkland, currently in Platform Health Operations at Twitter.

Last but not least, Curtis Cummings, leader of the no-code Infrastructure team at On Deck, explains “why your team is smarter with no-code”; and Sri Rao, general partner at Silversmith Capital Partners, hosted a panel discussion featuring entrepreneurs in the no-code space.

You can find here the rest of the agenda and all recorded sessions from the No-Code Conf 2021.

The Minimum Viable Conference By HuggyStudio


We believe that “entrepreneurship is about positive change, not code”. That’s why the Minimum Viable Conference aimed to inspire and empower entrepreneurs and innovation teams to launch great products without the hassle of traditional development. The conference was created to support people navigate that path, with no-code!

The MVC was Switzerland's first no-code conference and featured keynotes, fireside chats, discussions & live demos by the most successful entrepreneurs and no-code leaders. Attendees gained in-depth knowledge and tools on how to launch a new product in no-time, at a fraction of the costs of traditional development.

Highly insightful speakers included Alex Osterwalder, creator of the Business Model Canvas, and who shared more about how systematically testing business ideas can dramatically reduce the risk and increase the likelihood of success; and Ben Tossel, founder of Makerpad, who gave his take on the scalability of startups and ideas built on no-code. 

Don’t miss your chance to hear these and other no-code pioneers discuss how this paradigm shift can help you validate a business idea and build an MVP without external programming resources or significant capital. Sign up to rewatch Switzerland's first no-code conference at your own speed here.

The Second Digital Revolution Conference by Ninox 

The Second Digital Revolution conference explored what the future of no-code could look like. Highlights included talks from John R. Rymer, Vice President & Principal Analyst of Forrester Research, about the role of Covid-19 as a catalyst for digital transformation and the introduction of no-code around the world. 

Other panel discussions shone the light on entrepreneurship and how no-code startups and teams can build digital business models. You’ll discover how to leverage no-and low-code to bring your ideas to action, strategically leverage data, and master the principles of building user-centric products. 

Bonus: “How does no-code impact entrepreneurship? | Panel Discussion

Accelerate No-Code Revolution by Creatio

Creatio delivers solutions, integrations, and processes that accelerate business transformation with low-code and no-code tools. In 2021 they organized the “accelerate no-code revolution” conference, where for 16 consecutive days people could join the live streams and learn how no code technology is building exceptional customer experiences

Find out what leading organizations in the movement are doing to continue supporting customers and growing their business, learn about best practices in customer-facing workflow automation and check the sessions for some of the best no-code workflow automation practices.

Sign up to rewatch over 100+ business and tech leaders, successful entrepreneurs, innovators and top industry analysts at your own speed here


...Stay Tuned!

The no-code movement has removed the barriers to turning ideas into products and attending these types of events can help you take your skills to the next level or, find your footing, if you’re just getting started. 

2022 is just around the corner and we will make sure to keep you informed about the events we will have next year!