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Find the suitable no-code tool for any stage of your project development!

Find the suitable no-code tool for any stage of your project development!

March 21, 2022
Rossana A. Ammann

Are you still wondering how to get started with your idea or how to continue developing it? Regardless of your progress —if you are starting, if you have the first prototype, or if you have already built something— we want to share with you some of the team's favorite tools and resources to keep you going. Here are the top five of most valuable readings, recommendations, and first steps to try out!

Stage 1 🔍 Identify your riskiest assumptions and test them

Assumptions will help you clarify what you want to test first. Read the article here.

Stage 2 💻 A good tool to better visualize your idea? Marvel App!

The team's favorite tool to take pen and paper and start prototyping. It's a way to transform the physical world into a digital one. Check Marvel APP.

Stage 3 📝 Time to create your wireframes using Whimsical

Wireframes are the building blueprint of your digital product. With Whimsical you have the right amount of details, yet it keeps the focus on what matters the most - your idea! Try out Whimsical.

Stage 4 📲 Connect your wireframes to a clickable prototype with Invision

This will bring your wireframes to life! It also enables potential customers to provide you with valuable feedback. Start using Invision.

Stage 5 🌐 Create a landing page with Carrd!

With Carrd you can build one-page sites and get sign-ups to know more about your customers, and validate their needs. Build your one-page site!

Bonus: if you are more advanced in your project development and already got positive customer feedback, go ahead and create a functional MVP with Bubble. Find here some tutorials to get you started.