Kickstart your Marketplace with no-code
Marketplaces help demand find supply but they can differ vastly from managed marketplaces to niche and B2B marketplaces. Whatever type you choose to build, we help you kickstart your marketplace in 8 weeks.
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No-Code lowers the barrier to build marketplaces.
Fast time to market
Reduced costs in comparison to traditional development
High iteration speed
Chicken & egg Problem
We combine No-Code execution power with marketplace experience
We incubated new Products at Scout24 (the leading Swiss network of marketplaces including AutoScout24, ImmoScout24 and, oversaw growth at Advanon (Financing marketplace), did Product Management at Lunchgate (Restaurant marketplace), and launched our own marketplaces.

We know the challenges of starting marketplaces and the magic of network effects. As a no-code powerhouse we help you execute and focus on the hard part: Cracking the chicken & egg problem.
Cracking the chicken & egg problem - the marketplace holy grail
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Our 8 weeks
Marketplace program
week 1
Business modeling
We challenge and help you define your business model with a key focus on how to crack the chicken & egg problem.
week 2-5
Early validation
Together, we test the riskiest assumptions of your business model and build the first product increments.
week 6-8
Launch a marketplace MVP
It's time to stitch the already existing increments together with some no-code magic and launch a fully functional MVP.
We've done it already
ensemble19 is a marketplace that was initiated by HuggyStudio to help local businesses sell vouchers during the COVID-19 crisis to access liquidity during the shutdown. We helped over one thousand businesses raise a total amount of USD 600'000.- in vouchers and donations. The team grew to a total of 12 volunteers (students and entrepreneurs) who came together to help the local economy.
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