We want non-technical entrepreneurs to succeed.
We believe entrepreneurship is about positive change, not code. We want to inspire and empower you to do things differently and still succeed. Here is a few facts you should know about us.
We are a Bubble pioneer and a leader in no-code development in Switzerland
With hundreds of members, we run free no-code meetups in Zurich, Geneva, Lausanne, and Bern. Join a meetup group near you to profit from a mix of tools introductions, founder stories, and best practice sharing.
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We act as a co-founder
We're not just an agency, we take on the unofficial role of co-founder and want each project to succeed, beyond its technical implementation. Successful entrepreneurs make us happy.
Our passion to help you comes from our own story.
We were once in your shoes and want to help you navigate that path, with no-code.
Meet our core team
Daniel Abebe
Founder and CEO
Former Chief Marketing Officer at Advanon, Daniel deep dived in visual development to bring his own ideas to life without the usual hassle of learning how to code or finding a co-founder. He now travels around the country to spread the word of no-code. He's also a guest-lecturer at the ZHAW, Zurich University of Applied Sciences.
Wojtek Kwiatkowski
Full-stack Designer
Wojtek is an experienced designer who worked for international agencies and customers. With a passion for a minimalistic design approach, he helps entrepreneurs focus on what matters.
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